Friday, September 14, 2012

Building guaranteed income for retirement

Is there a straight-forward, low-risk investment that allows you to convert your retirement savings into a source of dependable income that you can’t outlive?  Whether you’re building for your retirement or are in the retirement stage of your life, you can set up a Personal Pension Plan to supplement existing guaranteed income sources or to create a new income source on which you can rely.

Retirement today
The face of retirement is changing and it’s important to ensure that you’re financially prepared for a long retirement. With Canadians living longer it means you might spend as much time in retirement as you did working. That’s why your retirement income strategy should ensure that you don’t outlive your retirement savings.

There are some people who don’t need to worry about outliving their retirement savings – those fortunate enough to have access to company-sponsored guaranteed pension plans, also known as Defined Benefit Pension Plans. But today, the majority of Canadians no longer belong to these types of plans and therefore, need a retirement solution that offers security and peace of mind for their future.
To learn more about what retirement looks like today and why guaranteed income plays such an important role, watch Canada’s RetirementLandscape.

Personal Pension Plans are designed to provide you with: 
  • A secure income stream that is guaranteed for life to help form the foundation of a retirement income plan
  • A higher level of retirement income the earlier you invest and/or the later you wait to start drawing income
  • Flexibility to choose when to begin taking income, as early as age 50
  • The option of uninterrupted income for life for your surviving spouse
  • A conservative investment in a fixed-income portfolio or a more aggressive approach with full access to your market value, should the need arise
For more details of one such plan watch Understanding Manulife PensionBuilder for an overview of how this retirement income solution works.

Try the Income Calculator to help calculate what your guaranteed income from Manulife PensionBuilder will be in retirement.
A Personal Pension Plan is an attractive income solution, whether you are in the pre-retirement or retirement stage of your life. A complement to other retirement income sources, a Personal Pension Plan supports retirement plans and helps ensure that you will be prepared.

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