Private Investment Management

With a minimum commitment of as little as $100,000, you can have access to the same kind of money management as billionaires and pension funds. 

Private Investment Management provides access to award-winning portfolio management and a wide range of investment mandates, styles, asset classes and product platforms. The program’s flexible structure supports your choice to create a diversified portfolio specifically designed for you, follow a suggested model or purchase a fully managed portfolio solution overseen by an investment committee.

What are the benefits of Private Investment Management (PIM)?

  • Competitive, flexible fee structures which are typically lower than those of mutual funds
  • The potential for tax-deductibility of fees for non-registered assets.
  • World-class investment options
  • Consolidated, simplified account management
  • Client and family accounts can be linked to create a clear household financial picture, reduce fees and maximize tax efficiency across multiple account types.
  • Consolidated accounts are supported by value-added features including managed solutions, enhanced reporting, and portfolio rebalancing.

Our preferred referral partner

Lonsdale Portfolios by Newport Private Wealth ($100k to $1 Million)
  • Discretionary Managed Portfolios
  • Suitable for investors with medium-sized accounts
  • High net worth investing for retail investors
  • Portfolios include a broad range of investments including private real estate, high yield bonds, mortgages, U.S., Canadian and International equities and private equity.
  • Top specialist managers are chosen in every category
  • Independent investment committee provides active portfolio rebalancing.
  • Low fees
Download the Lonsdale Brochure
Through Lonsdale, we offer a free analysis of your existing financial portfolio. Please give me a call to set up your free portfolio analysis and a discovery meeting. We’ll determine your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, then create a recommended asset mix and portfolio for you personally. Save on fees and get better money management – an unbeatable combination. 416-230-2703 or 705-798-0062.

Private Wealth Management: $1 Million and up

Private Wealth Management is a combination of highly personalized private banking and investment management services, including separately managed accounts and pooled funds, with access to an integrated team of financial planning, tax, and estate experts, accountants and lawyers. 

This option is available to investors with $1 million or more in financial assets to invest, who want sophisticated advice, professional management and a comprehensive view of their financial affairs

High net worth individuals enjoy an investment advantage because of their size, scale, and the expertise with which they have their money managed.  Typically, they have access to a broader range of investments – including private real estate, mortgages, and private equity, for example.  These investments serve to spread risk and enhance the performance of their portfolios.  Affluent investors also have access to specialty expertise in different types of asset classes: independent and talented money managers who are normally unavailable to individuals because of their high investment minimums. 

Fees for this service are lower as a percentage of assets under management than the fees that most retail investors would pay.  The following are links to two of the firms I work with on behalf of my affluent clients.  Please feel free to explore:   

• Manulife Private Wealth
• Newport Private Wealth

Contact me to begin a discussion about your investment needs, and the appropriateness of this type of investment management for you, your family or your business.

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