Personal Pension Plans

Create your own Personal Pension Plan: $25,000 and up

Retirement income protection: The Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit When you choose Helios2 – 75/100 Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit, your retirement income is guaranteed for life and will never decrease, even in market downturns. Better still, this guarantee also offers you the possibility of increasing your income. Why choose Helios2 – 75/100 GLWB? Guaranteed retirement incomeRead More…

Build a rock solid pension with no stock market exposure: Start with $25,000

Consider this fixed income investment that provides a guaranteed retirement income for life without having to live with the risk and volatile returns of the stock market.    Retirement today Most Canadians have saved some money in RRSPs and TFSAs but do not have a clear idea whether their savings are sufficient, or how muchRead More…

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